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Are you Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Athens, Greece?

We are a digital marketing agency in Athens, Greece that is servicing businesses looking to market their products and services to the Greek consumers.

In today's global market, there's no one market. Smart companies are looking to expand their reach, affordably and effectively, to different countries/markets. Digital Marketing is the must strategy that any smart company can deploy, to reach as many prospects in relatively quick and efficient way.

We offer a scientific approach to digital marketing through a comprehensive strategy. Through our findings and of course the customer's needs, we will come up with the ideal strategy for marketing through the various digital channels.

Marketing your small business requires more digital strategy, nowadays, then anything else. Although traditional, direct response marketing has still it's place in the marketing mix, more resources should be placed in digital.

Finally, you should have a plan of attack as to how you intend to increase your market share. Increasing your sales isn't enough, as a wise person once said, "power comes with responsibility", we say, increasing revenue should come with increasing profitability. Otherwise, what is the point....

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I am thankful for the website they created for me (www.melivrasna.gr). They are very helpful and cooperative, and with patience they created something beautiful without paying an arm and a leg. I would suggest their services without hesitation.

Vrasna Honey

Maria and George Tzigaris

We recently built our company's website www.etheriacosmetic.gr, the result is excellent as we requested. It provides all the modern requirements that a site needs. We worked together perfectly, and we are continuing, of course, many more steps of development on our website. We also thank Mr. Christos, who is an excellent professional and guided us in many ways to follow the steps for a successful website.

Etheria Cosmetic

Kiriakopoulou sisters

The digital marketing systems we implement to promote small and medium businesses have proven to be very effective. In addition, they provide all small business owners with the tools and support they need to increase the profitability of their business.

Some of the businesses we've helped

How can Magnetic Marketing Greece, digital agency, help my business?

Nowadays the market has become very demanding and competitive. New products and companies come to the fore on a daily basis. How do you compete in such a big competition? This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is a misunderstood concept since it is, more or less, intertwined with advertising that most of the time doesn't work. There are many reasons why an advertisement works, but the main ones are that they are done unplanned and without thinking about who we want to attract and why.

Marketing is a patchwork of strategies and tactics to help a company, product or service penetrate the market and capture a share. That's where we come in.

With a marketing plan completely tailored to you, we'll help you see the forest for the trees. We will help you see the reality of the market and how you can win the lion's share.

Why digital marketing and not advertising in the newspaper or other traditional media?

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is superior to traditional marketing for one main reason, it is "programmatic". Welcome to the age of Big Data. The superiority of "programmatic" marketing is that anyone in today's era, with the technology at our disposal, can collect data that will help them make quick decisions.

For example, in traditional marketing, such as advertising in a newspaper or a magazine or distributing flyers, you didn't know how many people saw it (apart from the statistics the publishers gave you of course), so you didn't know if your ad was working or not. her cost covers your expenses.

With programmatic advertising, however, you have all the data at your disposal, how many saw it, how many clicked, where you want it to be displayed, etc. etc.

What is SEO?

SEO actually does not mean anything in Greek but it is the initials letters of the English words Search Engine Optimization which means optimization for search engines. We also call it organic digital marketing, because the various techniques we use, inside the website and outside it, we make sure that it comes out ahead of the competition, naturally. It is not magic or something unreal, it requires work, passion and endless hours of testing and studying.

How much does it cost to do SEO?

This depends on the competition, the type of campaign, the size of the website and other criteria that we won't know if we don't research them. Many professionals of this type charge €500 to €1000 per month. We will carefully test your website to see if you really need this service and then make you an offer based on what we find.

How do I find a credible SEO agency in Athens, Greece?

It is good that they have recommendations and some reviews on the internet. But that's not all, because it may be a newly established company with experience but they have changed plans and professional trajectory and as it follows they may not have a large number of preliminary works. Another way is to rank high in searches for keywords around digital marketing. There is also the logic that says that if they themselves are not high in the searches, how will they bring your own company high?

How long will it take until I see some results?

It usually takes 90 days to a year for a business to recoup their SEO investment. This investment is not for everyone but it is worth it because we should understand that all searches in our time are done on the internet.

Is it better to focus on SEO or focus on sponsored ads?

It depends. If your business is newly established (less than 5 years) it is best to advertise with sponsored ads. If your business is more than 5 years the best option will be to do digital marketing (SEO) and sponsored at the same time, to catch a bigger market.

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Magnetic Marketing Greece is a highly professional company operating in the field of digital marketing in Athens, throughout Greece and abroad. Clients see a tremendous difference in their website traffic and an increase in their profits. We are a small company, and we are flexible to the needs of our customers.


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